Big time name dropping #00 / Foreword

Every 20 years or so, there happens in the city of Vevey, in the near vicinity of Nestlé Headquarters, an absolutely huge artistic event, the “Fête des Vignerons”. This is so huge that, when compared, it makes a Chinese Olympic opening ceremony look like a nice country gathering. In 1999 I designed the Sound system for it. Then for 2019 I was asked to design the sound system again. But you can Google that, 100% no trace of me doing it, regardless of the date, I am sort of totally Google proof, for now. This has to change. So in order to reverse the tendency and the culture of modesty elevated to an art form in my country and family, which over the years nicely served my bosses, colleagues, competitors and friends, in the following pages I am conveying as many names, anecdotes, story, about all the great and famous and talented I have worked with in my sound and music career. Once and for all. Re-reading it, it actually is quite fun, so really why not sharing. Besides, this serves as the usual cathartic bit for me. So here we go, sit back, relax and enjoy, one chapter only in this vein, then we will move on to current and futuristics ideas about sound, humans, life and universe.

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