You want to make your videos yourself?
Look after these details and your movie will make a difference

Voice microphone
You need a good quality external microphone. Can be low cost, but it has to be fit for the job. You’ll probably want a lavalier microphone. Lavalier microphones come in all sort of price and make. The mic must be really close to the source / the voice. It must be somewhere near the neck or collar of the talent.

Note 1
But first, listen to the soundscape. Give it a few moments. Ventilation noise, road noise, neighbourhood noise? Sound of the room too resonant? This can guide you to a (more) suitable place. More here

Transmission & recording of sound
By design the camera is located outside of the frame, but the microphone must be very close to the audio source, the voice in our example (hint: for voice, camera sound never is an option). Thus, as your video camera/smartphone will be located a bit away, the question of transmitting the audio signal to it then arises. Three examples here:

V1a. Long cable, with lavalier (omni*) mic, for DSLR, Rode LavalierRallonge Micon-TTRS & Adapter SC3
V1b.Long cable, with lavalier(omni*) mic, for smartphone, Rode Lavalier & Rallonge Micon-TTRS
V2. Wireless transmission kit, with omni lavalier and all cables needed, Shure FP15Cardioid Capsule WL185
V3. Local recording, sound file assembled with video later during post production, Sennheiser Memory Mic,(omni*)

*Note 2
Directivity matters
In very quiet environnement, omnidirectionnal mic can be ok.
In noisy situation, go for a cardioid mic with directional capabilities.

Note 3
For V3, a second smartphone (very) near the talent’s voice, in his front pocket upside down or with a lavalier microphone connected works. (Remember to start the recording though… in a voice memo or iTalk app.)

Note 4
Be aware that with solution V3, you are left with yourself for synchronising sound and picture files in post processing. So a Clap at the beginning of each take is required and will make it easy to locate the exact corresponding moment both in the video and audio track.


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